Through video and photography, James specializes in documenting the stories of marginalized groups and of individuals, communities and organizations who are passionate about what they do and how they do it, and who strive to make a change in the world.  

James Hall is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, and has worked for diverse esteemed institutions over the last decade including National Geographic, Al Jazeera English, TIME Magazine, VICE Media, New York Times, SF Chronicle, Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and others. The documentary short film "Toxic Tanneries" on the environmental and human toll of the leather industry in Bangladesh which he filmed (reported by Jason Motlagh) for Al Jazeera + was awarded Outstanding Feature for 2015 by the South Asian Journalists Association.  He has worked extensively in South and Southeast Asia and Central America, and his work with nonprofit groups in these regions, such as CARE Int’l and Save the Children, was highlighted in a feature in Popular Photography Magazine.

All of James's work is centered on connecting people through pictures because an honest image of a riveting story can sometimes transcend the limits of any continent, class or culture and tap into something far more essential: our shared humanity. 

Blackbeard Films

In January of 2012, James and lead Afghanistan correspondent for TIME, Jason Motlagh, founded Blackbeard Films, which is focused on creating documentary films on under-reported issues and marginalized populations around the world, as well as on building a robust network of freelance multimedia journalists (written/photo/video) and coordinating a forum both live and online to present their most recent work.  The aim of this network is to connect local communities with seasoned journalists, filmmakers and activists who can offer a fresh perspective, earned from the ground up.  


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